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A 3G standalone Temperature sensor that monitors temperature in real time while seamlessly connected to Cloud, allowing for data analysis. The sensor is configurable through the mobile network using SMS and can be configured to send updates to the user during emergency via SMS or email or both.

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Tailored Plug & Play Products

SSTM provides tailored IOT Platforms based on the needs you specify. We can deliver you with a ready made Plug & Play device that transparently integrates with Cloud. We develop solutions that can hold up to 10 different sensors. Just tell us what you would like to monitor and we will prepare your ready solution.

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IOT Innovation Kit is a generic IoT device, designed specifically for developers and IOT training needs. The IOT HW Innovation Kit comes with a set of built-in sensors and actuators for developers to configure through an Android mobile application and remotely control the actuators over the cloud.

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